2019 Food and Farm Experience: June Update

Time to Share Information on The Food & Farm Experience 2019

The Food & Farm Experience (FFX) for school career counselors is scheduled for Oct. 16-18 at The Radisson Hotel Corning in Corning, NY.  The FFX participants have the opportunity to share with those representing the full breadth of agriculture during their two-day immersion.  Tours stops are being evaluated and will provide a variety of visits along the journey from farm to fork and showcase a multitude of career options available throughout agriculture. 

Every one of the career counselors in New York State should invest their time and travel to the FFX headquarters in Corning. The value they get back will greatly benefit them and their students.

Now is the time to share this with the superintendent of your local district and let your board of education know to prioritize this learning experience.  A diverse group is essential to the success of the program, participants should come from all areas and positions.  Deadline for applications is July 12, 2019.

The application is available at www.nyfbfoundation.org.  If you need brochures or information or have questions,  call NYFB at 800-342-4143.