A Journey from Orchard to Table Poem

Come on a special journey with me,
We’ll travel from an orchard of apple trees,
Through the many stops an apple will make,
And all the people and jobs it will take,
To bring to you a special New York goodness,
That comes from farmers that know their business.

Of all we eat and wear and use,
Without the farmers we would surely lose,
All the many things we assume will always be,
Plus all the jobs that keep us from being hungry!

Fifth graders throughout New York State will take a journey from Orchard to Table with Foundation “Ag Interpreters“. A 30-minute program that touches many 5th grade standards, is entertaining and very worthwhile, is now available to classes A contact is all that is necessary! Plus…the added possibility ofeducational resources for those teachers returning a program evaluation form. Each county will have a “Bushel of Journey Tools” ready for a visit. Training workshops are continually offered. For information or to request a visit call the New York Farm Bureau Foundation at 1-800-342-414