2018 Food & Farm Experience Update

Make Sure You Share Information with Your School!

The Food & Farm Experience (FFX) is two-day program that adds tremendous dimension to the customary vision of agricultural careers.  Agriculture and your locale are the direct beneficiaries of this program, which prepares career counselors to guide the next generation in career choices that are a win-win for the individuals, New York State, and agriculture.

This learning “Experience” is scheduled for Oct. 17-19 at The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie, New York, which is easily accessible by car, train and bus.  The FFX participants have the opportunity to share with those representing the full breadth of agriculture during their two-day immersion.  Tours will take them to a variety of stops along the journey from farm to fork, and provide a vision for the multitude of career options available throughout agriculture.  High-quality materials and resources will be provided. An individual’s investment is their time and travel to the FFX headquarters in Poughkeepsie, what they take home has a value many times that investment.

Please share this with the superintendent of your local school district and let the board of education know to prioritize this learning experience.  A diverse group is essential to the success of the program, participants should come from all areas and positions.  If you need brochures, just let us know!

The application is available.  Questions?  Call NYFB at 800-342-4143.