Technology on the Farm

DeLaval Milk Robot

The DeLaval robot is used for automating the milking of cows. The system works by allowing the cow to choose to be milked. The robot records the amount of milk from each cow.

  • Robotic milkers can be set up in the center of a barn where cows live and eat. The cows, rather than the farmer, decide when to go to the machines for milking.
  • The robot keeps track of how much milk each cow is producing. If a cow kicks the milker off, the robot tries twice more to reattach the teat cups before giving up.
  • If something goes wrong with a robot, the machine alerts the farmer by calling his cell phone. If the problem is serious, the company dispatches a technician to the farm.

This is only one example of how technology is important to agriculture.  Use the link below to see the Milk Robot, and other ways technology is used on the farm.

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