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NY Agriculture — Touching Our Lives Every Day!
A 32-page ag activity book with puzzles, games, matches, crossword puzzles and much more. Each page is filled with facts about NY Agriculture…a fun way to learn and have fun. From fifth grader to adult.

40¢ each + postage/handling.
Available in boxes of 50 & 100

A to Z Coloring Book – 16 farm-themed pages                                    

A to Z Cover 4(002)The Foundation now has an A to Z Coloring Book, made possible by the Verizon Foundation. This coloring book is a farm-themed coloring book and to date over 10,000 copies have been distributed throughout New York State.

We are so grateful to the Verizon Foundation for this funding! The coloring books will positively impact children as well as agriculture through an increased understanding and appreciation.

15¢ each + postage/handling.
Available in boxes of 50 & 100