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Farm Tour Materials

Tools…Created with a Farmer in Mind!



Our thanks to the Northeast Ag Enhancement Grant Program for their support of this project.

Farmers need tools…lots of them!  So the Foundation has developed and created special “tools” to be used to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of agriculture gained from a farm visit.  Many opportunities present themselves to have guests visit our farms, but we don’t have the time to fully prepare for an outing that can be enhanced and create an on-going positive experience.

A “visit” souvenir booklet explaining some farm practices and focusing on stewardship, etc. eliminates many misconceptions and a tremendous amount of misinformation.   Lesson plans and activities will be available at a later date.

1. Visit Booklet

2. Farm Tour Tips

3. Farm Tour Checklist

4. Farm Safety Poster

A simple listing of do’s and don’ts will help ease the farmer’s planning strategy.

The benefits of these visiting tools extend to better community relations, elimination of misconceptions, increased understanding and appreciation of agriculture, building the agricultural constituency so that farmers can operate with a local positive outcry.  Demands on farming and many problems that surface are due to misunderstandings or misconceptions.  Education is our only answer.  As farmers become more comfortable communicating about business through a variety of applications, our neighbors and communities become more comfortable with us.  These tools will provide a simple, effective and efficient way to open our doors and allow deep rooted understanding to flow

These tools are now available to one and all through the project sponsorship by the NE Ag Enhancement Grant Program.  The internet materials are accessible from everywhere to all of agriculture!