Feed The Hungry Program & Lessons

A program that can be what YOU want it to be … flexible, accessible and successful!

Founding Partners:

  • New York Farm Bureau Foundation
  • New York Farm Bureau
  • New York Ag in the Classroom
  • FFA
  • New York State Agriculture Society

Feed the Hungry Mission: To expand students’ knowledge of the agricultural food and fiber system and the understanding that good nutrition comes from the soil, growing healthy food, while providing an understanding of community and social service.

For a complete step-by-step Outline of the program, click HERE

There are three different lessons plans available to download. All the lesson plans are listed below and are available in PDF format:

Plant the Seeds!

Pick the Harvest!

Donate the Harvest!


1. Increased awareness of relationships between community, school and agriculture.

2. Nutrition Knowledge

3. Interdisciplinary learning through agriculture.

4. Increased volunteerism

5. Community Pride

6. Career diversity education

7. Connection of a garden to the food supply for the general public

Input from all involved will help us to continually shape a program that truly works for the community, school, and agricultural industry.

For more information about this program, please email Sandie Prokop at Sprokop@nyfb.org.