Landview Farms Visit with Foundation Tools!

Note: This article was submitted by Jane Walker, who utilized some of the Foundation’s “traveling” items to enhance her local school visit. This is the difference that one farmer made in their community. Jane also used her knowledge and skills and from the Foundation “Farm Visit Booklet” created a personalized edition that documented the visit and supplied and reinforced her tour information. Congratulations to Jane on her dedication and for “telling her story”!

“Landview Farms LLC in White Creek, NY, hosted the fifth-grade class at Hoosick Falls Central School on Nov. 8-9 for a farm tour. They were interested in learning how technology plays an important part in today’s dairy farming. Most of the students had never been to a large farm, were very interested and asked good questions. Highlights of the tour were the parallel parlor, a hayride around the farm to see the calf hutches, manure lagoon and trenches, the Claas chopper and tractors with GPS and computer programs for planting and harvesting, and our milk trucks which travel to Connecticut each day. Our vet, Bob Cieglowski, came and performed ultrasounds on pregnant cows and was able to find a cow who was pregnant with twins! The baby goats were also a big hit! Landview stressed how American farmers feed the world, are good stewards of the land, and make sure their animals are comfortable and well taken care of. The benefits of eating dairy products was emphasized. One student remarked, “This has been the best field trip we have ever take!” Of course, the milk, cookies and cheese helped!”