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Program Sponsorship

Program Sponsorship

New York Agriculture – Touching our Lives Every Day – 3rd Edition

This is a 32-page agriculture activity book with puzzles, games, matches, crossword puzzles and much more. Each page is filled with facts about NY Agriculture..a great way to learn and have fun for anyone from 4th grade to adult.

A grant from the New York State Attorney General allowed us to reach more than 336,000 children and adults with the first printing and a second edition reached another 16,000. We are now seeking sponsorship for the fourth edition!

Sponsorship: levels begin at $499.

Agricultural Education School Calendar

The Foundation designs, prints, and distributes over 5,000 calendars with a beginning m  . These calendars are distributed to third grade classes throughout the state. The calendar is produced in full color with daily agricultural facts and activities included.

Sponsor/ “partner”: investment of $7,000.00

Sponsorship per month page: $450

Additional sponsor levels are available from $100.

Mini Grant Program for Classroom Projects

Available when sponsorship fulfilled.
The New York Farm Bureau Foundation for Agricultural Education will offer mini-grants of up to $250 for use in classroom programs promoting agricultural literacy. The grants will be available for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

What are the criteria for selection?
The program objectives should enhance student knowledge of the contribution made by agriculture and to integrate agriculture into the classroom activities. Innovative and inter-disciplinary programs will be encouraged. Field trips and assemblies must be aligned to classroom learning objectives and should outline specific pre- and post- activities. Hands-on and visual learning are encouraged. Requests for equipment and/or resource books cannot exceed 50% of the $250 maximum. Application process and post-completion reporting is required.

Sponsorship: in increments of $3,500.00 for titled “partner” status.

Adopt-A-Calf Program

The Adopt-A-Calf Program reaches into classrooms throughout New York State. This program can work as a learning tool for any class! The students, teachers, and parents have become involved in this program, and continue to request more agricultural education materials.

The program involves the receipt of a “Certificate of Adoption”, together with three letters that are sent to the adoptive classes during the year. Each is customized with the special information about their calf, updated as the calf grows. The letter also contains information about what is happening on the farm and within the farming community, such as activities for planting and harvesting. The day-to-day activities are mentioned, detail dependent on the grade level of the adoptive class. Some education resources are sent with the letters, promoting further exploration.

The students can write to the Farmer with questions. Additional links to agricultural information are made available. If possible, a visit with the classes is made. The students have an opportunity to see where their calf lives and what happens on a farm. The “Farmer” visit usually includes information about food products that have a direct relationship to the students’ diet, career exploration and a question and answer period.

Sponsorship: $3,000.00 for a program “partner”.

Mini Grants for County Agricultural Education

Available when sponsorship fulfilled.
This program provides assistance to counties to showcase agriculture and educate members of the community. Counties are eligible for up to $500 to defray expenses of the event or program. These grants are only available to organizations working in partnership, thereby supporting and promoting the synergies of the grassroots. Each county in New York is eligible on a bi-annual basis. Application and post event evaluation and promotion of the event and mention of program and partner required.

Sponsorship: level of $30,000.00 over a two-year period, to allow all the opportunity. Up to twenty-six grants per year for a two-year period.

Traveling Exhibit Showcase

To develop and “put on the road” exhibits utilized by groups, individuals and organizations throughout New York State. A particular commodity or field can be a focus. The Foundation would “loan” these exhibits, expedite and facilitate the delivery to the borrower through its established program. Sponsorship would be denoted in press releases and on the exhibits. Showcasing, promoting, and educating through the joint efforts of many. More opportunities to reach more people are accomplished with exhibits that are ready to present. This program has been proven to work.

Sponsorship: minimum of $1,500.00; the full investment is dependent on the type of exhibit.

Little Red Barn – An Agricultural Literacy Collection

This collection contains 20 of the top ag. education resources for Pre-K through third grade, resource information, and an outline suggesting an application of use to meet the “standards” set by the State Department of Education.

This Collection is available for placement at the discretion of the contributor ($275) or dedicated contributions can be made towards this particular project (with placement at the discretion of the Foundation). The Little Red Barn can be supplied with Memorial or Recognition labeling.

Individual sponsorships: in increments of $275.00 OR….

CD History of New York Agriculture

Who does this impact?
Every person in New York State! An essential part of our economy is the food and agricultural industry. Those dollars are the basis and heart of our great state. Exploration of careers, technology, and much more will enhance understanding of the economic and agricultural system and make a difference in our state’s future.

This tool enables users to make everyday choices and decisions based on fact and understanding. This CD is a tool that provides a highlight of New York history and a focus on the agricultural influences.

The Foundation through its many volunteers is distributing thousands of copies of this CD FREE to schools throughout New York State. A companion to the New York history books this interactive, multimedia “tool” creates an exciting and fun learning environment!

Calls and letters from libraries and college students and professors have indicated a need and desire to have this resource available for use to an extended audience. A wonderful opportunity to have a vast impact in each and every community.

Sponsorship for distribution to NYS Colleges and Public Libraries (approx. 1,000).

Sponsor would be duly noted on enclosure and via media releases, etc.

Level of sponsorship for this full project is dependent on level of partnering.

Other sponsorship options are available. Please let us know your focus, and we can work together to bring agricultural education to New York State.