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NY Farm Bureau Foundation » Thanks to the Northeast Ag Enhancement Grant Program

Thanks to the Northeast Ag Enhancement Grant Program

As members of the New York State community, we all have something to gain through an applied agricultural education program. The general public grows further away from agriculture, generation by generation and yet continues to need, demand, and purchase a wide variety of agricultural products.  This situation creates an elevated need for increased understanding of the agricultural industry.  The New York Farm Bureau Foundation has been working to fulfill this need through several projects and programs.

The Foundation recently received funding to purchase exhibit materials that will be available via our “lending library of materials” throughout New York State to use at many different events, farm markets, special community festivals and venues of all types.  This places the needed resources into the hands of hundreds to use, reuse and put to work efficiently and effectively.

Materials include a 36” retractable floor standing banner about major commodities, and eight 24” retractable banners for tabletop use representing livestock (horse, beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goat, and poultry), and specialty crops.   Floor and tabletop banners provide a “fit” for whatever the space and venue might require.  At one event, you may have an option to place the banners in several areas, magnifying the impact.  These are professionally done by AFBF and represent an excellent image of agriculture.  The information is science-based and accurate.

So, if you have an upcoming event where these materials will work, call us to reserve what commodity banner you need, or email Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  The only requirement is that you provide feedback on the public response and interaction with the banners you used at the events.