What We Do…

Our Mission:

To inform and educate all New Yorkers regarding agriculture, and to increase understanding between the farm and non-farm public. Our goal is to raise the level of public awareness and understanding about agriculture, which will serve to alleviate misunderstandings that can manifest themselves in negative ways and cause unnecessary upheaval within the food system, superfluous regulations, excess costs, and a breakdown within the infrastructure of our communities and state. This understanding will allow the general public to make “informed” choices.

  1. Inform and educate all New Yorkers with regard to agriculture;
  2. Develop and foster agricultural leadership in New York State;
  3. Educate the farming community with regard to farm safety;
  4. Advance and support agricultural education programs such as “Agriculture in the Classroom”;
  5. Encourage and increase understanding between the farm and non-farm public through education;
  6. Provide educational programming to the agricultural community in New York State with regard to current information and advancements in agriculture, for the benefit of all New Yorkers;
  7. Initiate and/or finance programs which further the exempt purposes of the Corporation.