Adopt A Calf

This program can work as a learning tool for any class!   

Each class receives a “Certificate of Adoption“.

If possible and wanted by the school, a visit with the classes is made. The students have an opportunity to see where their calf lives and what happens on a farm. The “Farmer” visit usually includes information about food products that have a direct relationship to the students diet.

Two letters are sent to the adoptive classes during the year. Each is customized with the special information about their calf, updated as the calf grows.

The letter also contains information about what is happening on the farm and within the farming community, such as activities for planting and harvesting. The day-to-day activities are mentioned, with the details dependent on the grade level of the adoptive class.

If the class is studying a particular topic, the students can write to the Farmer with questions. Additional links to agricultural information may be available, so be sure to ask!

How do we adopt a calf?
– We need a completed application, with information about the school, location, grade level, and a few other basics. It’s easy!