Ag Ally Opportunities

Journey from Orchard to Table is a 30-minute interactive lesson for fifth grade classes. The lesson utilizes a bushel basket of props that enhance learning about the food system of an apple. The journey that an apple takes from orchard to consumer is traced by the students, who will act out the various roles throughout the food system — scientist, grower, processing plant manager, truck driver, chef, grocery store produce manager, consumer, and more. New York State Learning Standards are addressed in the areas of Science, ELA, Career Development, and Social Studies.

A teacher packet is provided that includes: additional lessons to extend learning on concepts introduced, background information, and matrices that indicate alignment with NYS Learning Standards and national food & fiber systems literacy benchmarks.

Students at SUNY Cobleskill were an apt audience as they trained to become Ag Interpreters. As they assumed the role of 5th graders for a practice session, they enjoyed assuming the many roles included in the Journey. Their contribution to program involvement and touching students will be phenomenal. Their energy, enthusiasm and creativity will all work for agriculture and allow them to develop their talents and skills while giving back to their communities.

Many others are reaching out to schools that have requested programs, or are making their own paths to the doors of fifth grade classrooms. One gentleman who attended training at the “Think” Spring Conference in March has taken the program to hundreds in Cayuga County. Norm Riley, who works diligently educating via the Ward O’Hara Ag Museum in Auburn, utilizes the Journey with some unique touches that “customize” the program to the area. He is a gentleman with a mission… a mission that is of great importance to us all. He is joined by many other interpreters who have volunteered their time and energies that will make a difference for each and every one of us. Details are also available here (in PDF format) on the various tools available to help you.  Just fill out the Journey request form, or the Ag Interpreter form and return to Sandie Prokop.