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NY Agriculture — Touching Our Lives Every Day!

NY Agriculture — Touching Our Lives Every Day!
A 32-page ag activity book with puzzles, games, matches, crossword puzzles and much more. Each page is filled with facts about NY Agriculture…a fun way to learn and have fun. From fifth grader to adult.

40¢ each + postage/handling.
Available in boxes of 50 & 100





A to Z Coloring Book – 16 farm-themed pages                                    

A to Z Cover 4(002)The Foundation now has an A to Z Coloring Book, made possible by the Verizon Foundation. This coloring book is a farm-themed coloring book and to date over 10,000 copies have been distributed throughout New York State.

We are so grateful to the Verizon Foundation for this funding! The coloring books will positively impact children as well as agriculture through an increased understanding and appreciation.

15¢ each + postage/handling.
Available in boxes of 50 & 100


Is there a two-sided ag placemat in your event future? 

The NYFB Foundation completed a Placemat Pilot Project with more than 16,000 placemats utilized in many locales across New York. In our survey and discussions with county Farm Bureaus, we discovered their need to utilize these placemats and personalize them to include their own specific sponsor strip.

We have done some research to see what approach might be the most cost efficient. In order to seek the best price, we need some information from you.

  1. Would your CFB/Organization be interested in ordering placemats?
  2. Approximate number (they are bundled in shrink-wrapped packs of 100).
  3. Have you considered joining forces with other CFBs/organizations in your region, combining sponsorship efforts and maximizing your cost savings while supplying event tools? If yes, what might be the number of placemats needed and who might you partner with for this project?

If we can get a large order, even with batches of 1,000 to 3,000 for a specific sponsor strip, the costs will be drastically reduced from the estimate for a single order of 1,000 with an approximate maximum cost is $450; 2,000 the max cost is $780; and 3,000 the max cost is $870.

Let us know about your potential plans and let’s work together on the possibilities! Email to, fax 518-431-5656, or just mail your information to NYFB/Placemats, POB 5330, Albany, NY 12205.


Ag Questions & Answers

These Ag Questions & Answers can be hung via nails, thumbtacks, or Velcro or put in a binder and flipped for the answer, or put the question in one plastic sheet protector and the answer in another and simply layer on an exhibit board, in a binder or however your creativity demands … Each “set” is a different question/answer!

Presently available (costs include postage and handling):

General Agriculture – 11 sets $ 26.00
Veggie Q & A – 17 sets $ 38.00
Corn Facts and History – 11 sets $ 26.00
Honey Q & A – 13 sets $ 30.00
Corn Counts – 3 sets $ 8.00
Soil & Conservation – 4 sets $ 10.00
Onions – 6 sets $ 14.00
Potatoes – 5 sets $ 12.00
Equine – 14 sets (2004) $ 34.00
Rabbits – 11 sets (2004) $ 26.00
Apples – 18 sets (2005) $ 40.00
Dairy – 14 sets (2005) $ 32.00
Sheep – 6 sets (2005) $ 14.00
Pigs – 4 sets (2005) $ 10.00
Equine “Feed” – 13 sets (2005) $ 30.00
Eggs – 8 sets (2006) $ 18.00
Energy – 15 sets (2006) $ 32.00


CD History of New York Agriculture

An interactive multimedia CD-ROM on the History of New York Agriculture

Who does this impact?

Every person in New York State! An essential part of our economy is the food and agricultural industry. Those dollars are the basis and heart of our great state. Exploration of careers, technology, and much more will enhance understanding of the economic and agricultural system and make a difference in our state’s future.

This tool will enable users to make everyday choices and decisions based on fact and understanding. This CD is a tool that provides a highlight of New York history and a focus on the agricultural influences. Excellent to use as a companion to the 7th grade history book…or for anyone interested in New York’s history. Includes highlights of nineteen farms with histories of more than 100 years of farming. Through Explorer, you can view picture files and additional information. Web links take you to “discover” more of our history! Engaging…develops critical thinking!


FREE to New York 7th grade Social Studies Teachers
Available at $14.00 per copy

Ag Facts School Calendar

We cannot underscore the importance of a public that is informed and educated about agriculture. The NYFB Foundation has developed a School Calendar for distribution to third grade classrooms around the state, as a vehicle to provide agricultural education at an early age. The calendar is designed to ensure that children not only learn about agriculture, but learn to enjoy it as well!
This School Calendar showcases a different commodity each month. The pages include a commodity specific picture, daily facts and an activity for classroom participation. Feedback received from teachers indicates that use of the calendar has increased the coverage of agriculturally related topics in the classroom.

FREE to third grade classes
Available at $5.00 per copy